Personal care products, cosmetics

The packaging materials for Home & Personal Care products includes Shampoo, Wet Wipes, Detergent Powder, Liquid soap pouches, Hair Conditioner, Moisturizer, Body creams., We take care to give the product an attractive and appealing look by maintaining its aroma and freshness when the product is displayed for sale in the market.

We supply Pouches and laminate rolls for sachets in small volume and family pack sizes. We offer various Options as needed by customers including High barrier, Easy tear film, Slow Aroma discharge for enhanced Consumer experience.

We provide:

  • Two Ply laminates and Pouches for packing Detergent powder
  • PP Woven bags for packing detergent powder up to 50 kg pack size
  • Extrusion laminate for packing fabric softener
  • Three ply laminates for packing shampoo