Our Specialities

  • Multilayer laminates
  • Laminates with high barrier properties
  • Complex laminates with Foil/OPA/Metallic Inks/Matt varnish
  • Metallized laminates with de-metallized window
  • Laminates with cold seal
  • Extrusion lamination and coatings
  • Nylon-based laminates – high barrier properties
  • Embossed Paper / Foil for butter wrap and soup cubes

Our Mono layer and Multi layered Film widely used in region for high speed production lines. The fine printing capabilities make the final product appear much more attractive whereas the barrier properties extend the shelf life. The single or multiple specific raw material layers chosen depending on the customer’s needs and the shelf life

Our laminates ensure high shelf life, long lasting freshness and purity protecting them from humidity and contamination and provide the products spectacular durability along with full safety. We print them in eye soothing colors and up to date design to lend the products a contemporary beauty.