Bottle Labels / Collation Shrink

Labels are being widely used nowadays in the Packaged Drinking Water/Mineral Water and Beverages Industry. We provide a choice of clear, metallized or pearlized finish which makes the label very attractive.

For a product with as little variation as bottled water, it is very important to differentiate your brand from others. A high-quality label will make your bottled water stand out, giving you an edge on the competition. Consumers will be drawn to the water bottle label and will be more likely to remember a unique, custom design, ensuring repeat sales. Bottle labels with vibrant color will bring your designs to life.

Shrink Films and labels are used in various sizes. We provide Collation Shrink Films to replace the Outer Cartons and provide savings in the storage space and transportation. These Shrink Films provide better packing of the bottles with attractive printing to appear clean and easy to use.

Shrink Films are used in various forms to enhance the appearance of the products. Powders, Creams, Shampoos, Moisturizers, Perfumes, Deodorants, the list is endless. From a 5ml Container / Bottles to 5ltr Container/ Bottles, all use Shrink Sleeves to make an attractive product with extra sales appeal.