Some of the range of applications we do are: -

Ready-to-eat snacks, Ice creams, coffee, Tea, Bakery products, fresh foods, chocolates and confectionery Packaging for sugar, seasoning, noodles, beverages, Tomato pasta / Ketchups sachets / Mayonnaise & sachets / soups sachets and Pharmaceuticals.
  • Three Ply Foil based laminates in reel form for Juice, Juice Powder
  • Three Ply Foil based laminates for Milk Powder and Creamer
  • Two Ply Wrappers for Ice Cream & Wafers
  • Extrusion laminate for Butter packaging
  • Two- and Three-Ply laminates for chips of Varying Pack sizes
  • Four Ply Foil based Bags with top and side handle for Tea/ Coffee
  • Two Ply Wrappers for Tea bags Pouches
  • Four Ply foil-based Laminates for Packing of Tomato paste
  • Three Ply foil-based Laminates for Packing Tomato ketchup and Mayonnaise
  • Two ply laminates and pouches for packing pulses, spices, pasta, flour, rice, cereals and oils
  • PP woven bags for packing rice and flour up-to 50 kg pack sizes
  • laminates for poultry lidding film for packing of fresh chicken
  • Two- and Three-ply laminates and zipper pouches frozen Sea food
  • Two ply Laminates with cold seal for high speed lines of Biscuits & Chocolates
  • Laminates in reel form and pouches for confectionery
  • PE and CPP Outer Bags for Ready-to-eat snacks
  • Wicketed bread bags / burger bags
  • Carry bags and shopping bags